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Stella - Available for adoption


**Note the adoption fee will be discussed with successful applicants**

Stella is a wonderful 2 year old purebred French bulldog who is in need of a new, dog savvy home.  She’s beyond amazing, she’s fun, naughty and typical of the breed.  She will require an active home and, preferably, someone who has some experience with the breed.  Stella adores everyone, some a little too much and she can be exceedingly exuberant. 

**For this reason she should not go to a home with small children**. 

She’s intelligent, demanding, stubborn and fun to train and she has really benefited from having some boundaries placed on her.  Stella is fabulous with other dogs but cannot live in a home with other dogs as she is a serious resource guarder.  She will defend food/toys etc., however outside she seems to love everyone.   

**For this reason she will not be adopted to a home where other dogs live or visit**.

Stella would prefer someone who is home at least part of the day.  She’s been left on her own and does well but someone who works at home or an active retiree would be perfect.  She also needs someone who is willing to set limits and do some training with her but also give her the exercise she needs.  She might make an excellent running partner.  She loves to sleep in the bed (under the covers) but beware, she does snore. 

She’s completely house-trained and is doing super well with walking on leash.  She’s mischievous and naughty, but not destructive.  Stella loves to play ball but we have limited this activity as she gets overly stimulated. 

Overall she’s a fantastic little dog she keeps her foster mum laughing.  Stella is the dearest thing but will need a dedicated owner.  Experience with the breed is an asset.

Stella is healthy and fully vetted. 

Only applicants who meet the above mentioned requirements will be responded to.

Note that due to the anticipated number of applications, we ask everyone to be patient while we process them.

If you feel you are able to provide the right home for Stella, please complete our online application form.