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Tucker - Available for Adoption 

Tucker is a wonderful dog who needs just the right home to be the best dog he can be.  He's around a year old and weighs 25lbs, he looks like a whippet mix but he's likely a mix of hunting breeds and is incredibly agile and prey driven.  Tucker has lots of energy and would be a brilliant fly ball or agility dog, he's eager to please and loves nothing more than exploring his surroundings.  He's completely house trained, crate trained and is able to be left alone for periods (I crate him when I'm out).  He loves his people and someone who works at home would be perfect.  Tucker's ideal home would be a more rural setting, he is fearful of close traffic at times and we are working on this.  He gets along well with other dogs and would love someone to play chase with him.  I suspect he would likely chase cats.   His foster sister is not interested in him at all which leaves him quite disappointed so a similar energy playmate would be good.

Tucker most definitely would benefit from continued training or a job.  I had a similar dog who found a home at a winery chasing the birds off the vines!! This would be a dream job for Tucker.  He's incredibly loving and needs to learn some boundaries although he's come a long way.  He is toy mad and will destroy those that are not tough enough.  I'm going to start working on his off leash recall shortly.  Overall Tucker will be a great dog for the right family.  He has so much love to give and with some boundaries and training he will blossom.  This is not a dog who enjoys a city stroll; a serious commitment to exercise is a definite.  He could be a great partner for a trail runner or hiker.

If you are interested in Tucker please fill in our application form.  We understand that some folks have had difficulty with the form so please send us an email to advise of your submission.