Happy Tails

Below you will wind some wonderful Happy Tales (Tails) from Dog Bless Adopters. To submit your own Happy Tail, please send an email to dogbless@shaw.ca and include your photo and text and ask for it to be published on "Happy Tails".


We have lived with Finley, we just call him Fin (formally Beetlejuice), after we were introduced to him nearly two years now and he has adopted me as his constant companion. As soon as I sit down to watch TV he is immediately up on my lap and after a couple of kisses on my nose he snuggles in for the evening. We received Fin via your associates in Alabama and the vet there estimated his age at about 12 years old. We thought he was just too active to be 12 so we had EmbarkVet.com do an age test on him this year and he is actually now just 8 years old so we got him at age 6. 

He came to us with no teeth and had just been neutered so we had to feed him homemade soft food because he wouldn’t touch regular dog food from a can. He was very emaciated and we could see every rib bone. Now he has gained almost two pounds and is a very active and playful dog. He enthusiastically greets us at the door if we have been outside for more than five minutes and is very obedient with commands. He won’t leave our sides if outside and not on a leash. We just love him to bits.

Thank you Dogbless Rescue


Time does pass, and it is already Charlotte’s second holiday season with us. Charlotte came to us in the spring of 2021 through fostering. She was about 1 year old. Our dog had recently passed away and although we love dogs, we were looking forward to be a “petless family” and be able to travel more freely. However,  as destiny would have it this was not to be when after we were asked to foster this cutie. She arrived on a Saturday and by Sunday we were doing a Pros and Cons list about keeping Charlotte, who we name only a few hours after she arrived. 


In the past, I always had bigger dogs but little did I know how fun a little dog can be. She is the perfect dog. I know everybody says that but she truly is. Our little Charlotte loves adventures. From going on a bike ride, to kayaking, hiking, camping and even flying across the country on a regular basis to visit with her grandpa. She loves carrying and playing with her stuffies and of course guarding her yard…. But after all these awesome adventures what Charlotte loves the most is falling asleep on our laps under a warm blanket. She has brought so much joy in our life, thank you so much Kim and Dogbless crew.