Happy Tails

Below you will wind some wonderful Happy Tales (Tails) from Dog Bless Adopters. To submit your own Happy Tail, please send an email to dogbless@shaw.ca and include your photo and text and ask for it to be published on "Happy Tails".


Just wanted to let you know how Freya has been doing and how much we love her.


Freya( aka T.J.) is a smart little girl who really loves her people, and lets us know with lots of licks and kisses every time she gets a chance. She gets along with our cats and despite a few runs for fun at them, mostly leaves the chickens alone. She didn’t think much of our wet coast winter at first,(coming from her northern home)  but really loved the snow when it happened. and now a new season to play in!


She loves the sun and spends a lot of time basking in it, when not chasing ravens, balls or rabbits. She responds well to training, and comes when called, very happy to see us. Her small issues with other dogs( barking at them, to show she is big- really her only issue) we’ve been busy working with Allison from Ethical Canine to address.


She is a joy to be around, and we thank you again for bringing her into our life!

Nancy, Richard (and Freya)


Hello Kim,


I have often thought of you and your organization since I acquired Hazel - now Lulu - from you in December of 2014.She is the most WONDERFUL dog and I believe that we are exceptionally well suited to each other. She is great with my grandchildren, my cats and other dogs. One of her finest features is that she always comes when I call her so it is a delight to have her out on the trails, running freely near my home in Willis Point. I thank her everyday, at least once, for having found me. She still doesn't like to be left at home, but that is a very rare occurrence and when she does stay behind, she has never destroyed anything.

Many thanks again to you.


Mariann and Lulu


Thank you so much Neil and Kim for bringing Lenny  (Rudolph/William) into my life. He has been such a joy and has quite the personality. He loves his new human and dog friends. He is obsessed with fetch and finding sticks on his walks. He's a great listener when he wants to be and can be easily bribed for snuggles. Thank you for making the process so easy and finding just the right fit for both of us. I can't imagine what my life would be like without him.


We would like to share an update with you about Jasmine (aka…Wicket).  Jasmine who came to us with fear is now bringing us loving cuddles every day.  She is growing into her own personality with a lovely genuine temperament.  Jasmine experienced snow for the first time yesterday (we assume) and absolutely loved it!  She was hopping around digging her little nose in the snow, eating a chunks whenever she could.  It was an absolute joy to watch!  We have included a few pictures of 'Miss Jasmine' who is relaxed and at home.  Thank you for saving these wonderful dogs!  She is a gift to our family.
Wishing all you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
Andrea and Scott



Dear Dog Bless family,


I wanted to send you a few Christmas photo’s of Roxie so you could see her today, and to be published on “Happy Tails”.  It is hard to believe that she has been a loving part of our lives for almost 5 years!  She is truly a real sweetheart, and brings us lots of smiles, laughter and eye-rolls thanks to her terrier personality.


“May this Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter”


Thank you for all you do and wishing all of you & your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!





Hello, I can't believe it's almost 1 year (Aug) since we brought this guy home. We continue to be impressed on how smart he is. We walk off leash with no problems, I ask him to wait if he's getting too ahead of me and he actually stops and waits! Thanks again for your hard work to save and give these dogs nice families.
Lots of love from Milo and our happy family.



Just to let you know Rainey has settled in really well and is adorable and training well. We have had her just over a year now. If you leave her for just five minutes you get a wonderful welcome! She still gets 2-4 walks per day and I think we are tiring her out.




Steve and Nicola


Hi Laura​,

Its been 2 months since Milo joined our family.  He's graduated  puppy school, made new 4 legged friends and has claimed the middle of our bed as his spot! He loves car rides and is always with us. He's such a cuddle bear and will make himself comfortable no matter if there's no room, he'll make room! He's so smart and is very eager to learn.  Poor Milo always begs the cats to play but they can't be bothered! Unless they are outside together the 3 play chase!!! 

We are so happy and feel so blessed that this furry little being brings out the best in us. He has formed an amazing bond with our youngest son it's adorable. If I'm not around he is right next to Cesar, sometimes I find them in my bed cuddling! 

Thanks again for doing what you guys do. You not only rescue animals, you give families a chance to expand the family love.

Lucy and Family


We have had Levi now for almost 6 months and we simply cannot imagine our life without him. He is the sweetest little boy who has etched himself deeply into all of our hearts, including his rescue sister, Meg (seen here with Levi in a couple of the photos). He loves greeting people on our walks through the neighborhood and he endears himself to everyone he meets.  His favourite toy is the set of squirrels in the trunk and he always seems to have one with him, even at bed time.

We have been truly "dog blessed" with Levi and are so full of gratitude for everyone who was part to his rescue.


Dear Kim, Neil and the entire Dog Bless team,

Kona (Yeager) is very happy here and we can't imagine life without him. He has brought us more happiness than we ever expected.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016.

Dear Dog Blessers
This is finally a current picture of Chloey rescued by your colleagues in Alabama in April 2014. She is a loving, bright, responsive, energetic little being who has settled in deeply with her Mums and her kitty and has captured our hearts. We are deeply grateful that you have helped us find each other. Our thanks to all the team members on both sides of the border.

Pat and Helen 

Hi Kim,  

In June, 2015 you said that you had the perfect dog for us, and you were totally correct.  She came to us as "Hilda" and is now happy to be "Honey", a bright, affectionate, merry little girl who is fast friends with her adopted sister, "Chloey", also from Alabama.  They bark with a drawl!  She has filled out, regained her health, and is  now white and fawn instead of grey and fawn coloured.  We are tremendously delighted with her and she with us.  Our profound thanks.


Pat and Helen


Dear Shannon and Dog Bless,
I wanted to share with you what Harry has been up to since we brought him home just before Christmas. He's helped with our engagement, he's climbed three mountains, been to the office where everyone fell in love with him and has made friends with the cat.

We instantly knew he was the 'one,' and apart from a brief vendetta against slippers, underwear and books he's quickly learnt that his chew toys are a better alternative! He's learning new skills all the time and will shortly be going on a recall workshop so he can be free to sniff our rabbits and birds without worrying about the annoying human on the other end of the leash. He's learnt to have a  healthy respect for the cats but doesn't quite understand why they're not more friendly to him. He doesn't let his little legs hold him back and loves coming on runs with us and is quite the mountain goat! When activity time is over he loves nothing better than snuggling up to watch some TV. 

He slotted straight into our family and has been the perfect dog, thank you so much for recommending him to me! I never would have considered a smaller dog but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet Harry.

Emma, Rob and Harry

Dear Kim & Darcie, 
Just wanted to update you on Haley (we have named her Morgan). She is an absolute treasure and we can't imagine life without her! From the moment that Darcie brought her into our home we knew we would never let her go, she is ours forever! This little 3 pound angel has made our family complete. 
She has been so easy to train, loves car rides, the beach, and toys of all kinds. Maddie has become so attached to her little sister that they are never far apart. They love to wrestle, share treats and take afternoon naps together. She has lots of new puppy friends and recently all 10 of them had their picture taken with Santa!
Thank you again for rescuing our little angel. We sent some photos and an update along to her rescuers (Myra) and we received a lovely message back from her.
The work that you do is nothing short of miraculous. Please know that we will be forever grateful for the gift of Morgan and that we will be sure to spread the word about your organization and the wonderful work that you do, which is pretty easy as everyone stops to see Morgan!
Thank you again.
You are all earth angels!
Sue, Rick, Maddie & the cat crew (Samantha, Winston & Sidney). 

Trixie, who we now call Alli, is doing fantastic.  We LOVE her.  The day we brought her home she fit right in.  The kids and I rush home from work or school to spend time with her.  She is so full of personality.   We are so lucky to have been chosen to be her forever home. Thank you

Hi Laura, 
We love Daisy (nee Pepper) so much! She is so much fun, loves to run and really loves her comfort. She is very affectionate but also independent. She doesn't fetch but she does like water. She has saved us from a life of doglessness. Thanks so much to all the Dog Bless people!!
Sue, Rory, Tony and Daisy

We love this boy (Gus) so much, we truly are Dog Bless'd :)




Hello Shannon and Dog Bless Rescue Partners,


We wanted to give you an update on "Nixi" (formerly known as "Rosie"), who we welcomed into our home and hearts just over six months ago.  Nixi is an awesome dog and we are so grateful to share our lives with her.  She settled in very quickly and easily and is doing great!  Even though we have had dogs before, we found the book you gave us very helpful. Nixi loves to play, go for walks, go for car rides and loves to be loved. She is smart and quick to learn and is very polite and sweet when being fed and groomed.  Our daughter has taught her some cute tricks and she is great with her recall, sit, down and stay.  Nixi has met our vet for weight updates and she is 12lbs and at her ideal weight.  Nixi has made many new canine and human friends in the neighbourhood and on her travels.  She is a wonderful roadtrip taveller in her vesti-harness plus seatbelt, having been to Long Beach in January "so, that is the ocean!", to Mt. Washington in February  "so that is snow!" and will soon visit Point-no-Point.  Nixi enjoys hikes, including Mt. Doug and Mill Hill and also loves to snooze and be by or on your lap.


Nixi is such a special dog and we want to thank you all very much for rescuing her and for allowing us to adopt her.  Thank you for all you do to help other wonderful dogs like Nixi.


Wishing each of you the very best.




Lora, Ted, Griffin, Janna and Nixi  


Love you Dog Bless and all the people who make it work - particularly Kim and Neil. Dodger is our joy.

-Jen and Mike


Thank you Dog Bless for giving our young family a chance with a rescue dog. After searching for a new family member for over a year and repeatedly being rejected because of the age of our kids (a 5 year old and a 1 year old), Dog Bless not only found us the perfect dog, but also gave us the opportunity to bring him into our home. 

Banjo (Serenge) felt like a part of our family from the day he arrived and has continued to be such a positive influence on our kids as they are raised loving and respecting animals. Had you not been so helpful in matching us up with him, our lives wouldn’t feel nearly as complete.
 Banjo is so gentle and loving with our family and compliments our lifestyle perfectly. Always in need of a good cuddle, but ready to hike steep mountains and walk long trails with the rattle of his leash. His laid-back nature means that all kids love him, but especially ours. And while the Westie in him sends him on occasional wild goose chases, he always finds his way back to us.
Because of him, we always talk so highly of rescue organizations, especially Dog Bless and can only wish that other young families can experience the same opportunity that we had.

Kind regards,
Luke, Ahna, Milla and Sophie


Happy new year. We realized it was one year ago today that we came to Victoria to get our Honey from you. It has been quite an interesting year with Honey in our life. As you can see from the following photos Honey is both sweet and cuddly, and wild and energetic. You already knew that. Our solution to dealing with her wild side was to eventually get her another dog to play with because we didn't have enough energy to keep her happy all by ourselves.

Anyway, it is a blast. We sure have been enjoying our Honey and thank you again for your role in bringing her into our lives. All the best in 2014

Dirk, Mary Ann, and Honey (and Luna)



Hi Kim, 
Ojo and I wanted to wish you well this holiday season.
We got her into the snow for the first time a few weekends ago. We were up at Mt. Washington, which is a long ways from having enough snow for skiing but had more than enough on the ground for the dogs to play in… And boy did they ever play!
The resort isn’t open yet so we were able to hike around with the dogs off-leash and they were pretty much in heaven. And she discovered the joys of chasing snow balls. Wahoo!
So she continues to be a wonderful fit, and with Thanksgiving now passed and Christmas coming up, I just wanted to thank you again for bringing this dog to us!
Take care,
Roberta, Ojo & family

It's been a few months now since Daisy came into our lives and we couldn't be happier. She is so amusing and full of fun and life and oh my goodness---the energy she has is amazing. You can not tire her out. I guess that's the Jack Russell part of her heritage.

She has lots of toys strewn about the house and she's always up for a game. We have had a successful trip to Vancouver to visit the grandkids and family and she was no trouble. Thank you Dog Bless for connecting us. We LOVE her and she seems to love us too.

Olwen and Craig 


We are so incredibly happy to have Sadie (formerly Naomi) in our lives. She's doing well with her training exercises, and she starts a re-socialization class on monday!

I wanted to say thanks to Kim and Darcie and everyone involved with Sadie's care.

We recently got married, Sept 7, and Sadie was our beautiful flower girl : )

We adore her and are looking forward to many years of joy and adventures with our 4 legged girl.

Thank-you Dog Bless Rescue Partners! 


Hello Dog Bless I would like to update everyone about our dog Peanut (formerly Prince).Peanut has adjusted quickly to his new life & he fits in perfectly with our family.
Peanut has enjoyed living by a lake ,discovering all that the lake has to offer ie: frogs,ducks & much more wildlife.
He has tried to make friends with squirrels, but unfortunately the squirrels are not interested.Peanut loves his daily walks which allow him to make many dog friends along the way. Peanut has become a boat enthusiast but is still unsure of what waves are. He is a clumsy, goofy,happy boy!
Peanut had his 1st grooming as a new member of our family. He was such a good boy for Angella of GROOMER 2 GO and she made him look so handsome.
Our family hopes Peanut is as happy living with us as we are living with him!


We adopted Marley (formerly Maggie) in December (2012) and I thought I would send in a picture and a write up for Happy Tails.
Marley is a total love bug! She has fit into our family perfectly. She is a wonderful companion on walks and loves being on your lap as you read or watch tv. She completely charms everyone she meets, from older neighbours to young children (just don't let her near your squeaky toys!).

She loves a little game of chase that usually ends with her rolling onto her back for a belly rub when she eventually tires out. She adores being wrapped in a blanket and burrowing her head under the covers. She enjoys new adventures and always "follows her nose". She is well known for her trademark look of one ear up and one ear down. When you get home you are always showered in Marley kisses!
Thank you Dogbless for bringing this wonderful little soul into our lives!
Stephanie, Pat and Bill.


Penny (formerly Selena) has been with us since Sept 30, 2012. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was our dog. 

I run a home daycare and am a foster parent so finding the perfect 'kid' dog was a must...and not an easy task! So thankful that we found Penny. She is amazing, so tolerant, patient and sweet. My 2 year old son and 9 year old daughter adore her. Even my cat, Jersey loves her!
Penny spends her days laying on the couch (her favorite spot, she's lazy!). She loves being cuddled and loved by everyone. She loves going on walks and wants to greet everyone and everything we pass!
I'm sure we feel as lucky to have Penny and she does to have us. She's a spoiled girl for sure and will be part of our family until its her time to cross the rainbow bridge.
We love you Penny!
Thanks to Michelle, Kim and Darcie for helping us find our furry baby!
The Dion Family


Hello Dog Bless,

Here is a recent photo of Merry (formerly Mary Anne) taken at the local park.

When she came to me in 2009, she didn't seem to know how to be a dog or even how to bark. She's come a long way and has quite a lot to say for herself! She has on and off friendships with various dogs in our neighbourhood. I think her favourite occupations are carrying her teddy around the house and lying in the sun.

Merry is still a bit nervous around men, but after a minute or two goes over and makes friends.

She's a wonderful girl. Thank you so much Dog Bless for rescuing her from Alabama.


We are so in love with our little boy, Basil, and I'm certain that he's just as smitten with his 'Mom and Dad' too!

Adopted in mid February (2011), he's been a part of our family for about two months now. We fell in love with his unique black-and-white markings, his scruffy boyish hair, his bright eyes and little tail that is aaaaalways wagging. We still ask each other 'Why is Basil aaaalways so happy?!'. I think it's because he knows he's one of the lucky ones. 

Basil absolutely adores his big brother Cosby, always watching what he does and immitating him. Our two boys have THE most fun together, wrestling and playing tug-of-war with their toys endlessly, and snuggling together when they are soooo tuckered out.

Basil is the perfect addition to our wee family, we couldn't have asked for a more loveable little guy! THANK YOU, Dog Bless!
Carly & Ben
Here are Cosby and Basil snoozing on Bruno (the stuffed bear)... ahhhhhh, what a life.

A huge thank-you to all of you at Dog Bless for getting wee Gidget and I together. We just celebrated one year together and it has been nothing short of amazing. Gidget is the most precious little thing... full of energy and curiosity, up for anything, loyal and loving. Her coat has grown so much and is really silky and she is always happy. These recent recent photos were taken in the garden, by the beach and with her special birthday/anniversary treat... a meat muffin!
Dixie (Sophie) is such a sweetheart. We've been spending a lot of time getting into a daily routine of walkies-playtime-breakfast-playtime-naptime-cuddles-walkies-dinner-sleeptime. She sleeps beautifully at our feet on our bed right next to Skipper.
Ah what a life eh?

Thanks for introducing her into our family. We'll keep you updated on her progress. She has gained one pound since she's joined us and she is less frail and more solid in stature. Initially she developed a bladder infection and the vet gave her some antibiotics which cleared that up. Her fur is getting softer but she still has few pink patches of missing hair -slowly growing back- mostly under her armpits. Her eyes are bright and she's full of happiness and curiosity. She is getting me into great shape as we jog together every morning for an hour and then enjoy a long evening walk.

She's so clever. When I wake up and start getting the coffee ready, she gently picks up the leash and brings it to my feet. She is training me well.
Our older jack russell, Skipper is enjoying her too.

We'll keep you posted on her progress.

Dogbless you!
Edie and Kim
Maisy - formerly Marcy- was rescued by ACT from the Central California SPCA.

She just celebrated her 2nd Birthday and 3rd month with us. She is such a character and perfectly completes our family.

Our daughters, 4 and 7, absolutely adore her and the feeling is mutual - Maisy will wander the house looking for one of their laps to cuddle up in, or play a game of tug-of-war with.

She also plays very well with sister-dog Sophie-she is fiercely protective of all 70 pounds of her at the dog park - she has no problem 'telling off' a ridgeback or doberman!

I am so grateful to Kim and Dog Bless for choosing us to be Maisy's Forever Home and for their tireless efforts and dedication to saving so many precious lives…
Hello Kim and Darcie,
Best of luck as you head down to Alabama. Buckley, Andrew and I thought you might appreciate this photo! Buckley was very proud of her achievements (and ours).

(Buckley proudly shows off her completion certificate from Communicanine's Puppy SuperStart class.)

We just wanted to give you an update on how Gabby (who is now known as Luna) is doing.  She is starting to come out of her shell and has gained a lot of confidence over the last few weeks; she is meeting lots of other dogs and realizes that they are actually pretty fun! She enjoys going for walks @ Thetis, Matheson, the Galloping Goose trail, and loves chasing sticks @ the beach.

She gets along great with our other dog, Timber. They like to cuddle with each other and are good about sharing their toys, etc. Luna also has a best friend who lives next door named Olive, a pit bull, who is about the same age as Luna.

We have successfully crate trained Luna and she has learned some basic commands such as "sit", "leave it", "watch me", and "down". She is very agile and energetic, so I might look into doing Fly ball or agility with her soon. She is quite the comedian- she puts her whole head in her water bowl and makes quite a mess, and she likes to run into the ocean and lay down in the water. She is also quite the cuddler. We took her and Timber on their first camping trip this weekend and they had a great time and kept us warm at night :)

We really appreciate all the hard work you all have put into rescuing dogs in need. It takes a lot of commitment and passion to do what you do and we admire that!

Arlissa & Wilson
Hello Dogbless,

We've had Ruby since just before Christmas, 2009. She is precious–we love her to bits. Her job in the vineyard is to keep birds away and she flies at greyhound speeds down the rows in hot pursuit. I take her trail running quite frequently and up the mountains around Duncan–she's truly in her element while leaping through the salal and over fallen trees. She loves the wide open sands of Cherry Point beach but is hesitant to dip a toe into the brine–a basenji trait–her aversion to water.

Here are a few pics of her on top of the world on Maple Mountain.

Many thanks to all who played a role in her rescue–she is much-treasured.

Sincerely Samantha
Here's a picture of our 1 yr. Yorky mix, Griffin.

I don't know what made us adopt this Alabama rescued immigrant but someone told me that dogs pick us not the other way round. I like that better, it's not my fault!  Despite us thinking we didn't really like little dogs this guy's a charmer. We're training him to be a "normal" dog in a small body without toy dog syndromes of often poor manners /yapping.

With Shanna our GSD as his housemate he's more likely to become a regular dog (no sleeping on beds/furniture) rather than vice versa :o)

We are happy to have him in our family, he's a joyful, energetic addition and we love our daily hour walks together. Thank you Michelle for bringing him to us thru Dog Bless Rescue.

Cheers, Larry and Carol
Abby has settled in with us like she was here from the start. She is such a wonderful loving dog and we are so thankful that you rescued her and we were the fortunate ones to adopt her. She goes for walks everyday with our kids and friends, she is happy to meet new "doggy" friends along the way, which always makes the walks a little longer. She also has a great playmate with our other dog Riley. Togetther they keep each other company and get into lots of mischief! After a hard day of playing there favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch for "TV" time.

Thanks so very much for doing what you do, and keep up the wonderful rescues!!

Ron , Kathy, and family...and Abby too!!
Mylie turns 2 in August, and as you can see in the picture below she is happy and in her element. We always get asked what breed is she and where did we get her, and we always tell them to check out dog bless.

We have come a long way with Mylie, we did end up getting a e-collar, and worked hard on her training. Now she only has her collar on when we go to Dallas Rd, or Thetis Lake. She for the most part listens, and does an array of tricks.

From our happy dog.... once again thanks.

Drew, Sean & Mylie
Hello lovely rescuers from Dog Bless!

It's been a bit since you've had an Otie update! First off thank you for your wonderful calendar- we bought a few and handed them out as Christmas presents. February was a popular month in this house because of Mr. February (aka Otis) of course, haha! Otie is doing fantastic - he is such a sweetie. He has settled right into life with us and our other doggies. Him and Libby are practically inseparable and Otis spends a lot of his day sleeping with his head on Libby in the sunshine! He's quite a character and is still learning rules about the kitchen, like he is only allowed in after we invite him, otherwise he just comes in and pops his two front paws on the counter as if to say 'what's for dinner'! He loves his morning walk with me and Libby down the Lochside trail and sometimes has to be reminded to not stalk a dog as it's walking towards us - he's usually very friendly with other dogs, but he does seem to zoom in on them as they approach. He is very social with people and dogs alike if he's not on his leash, he'll walk up to anybody to say hello and even run along beside the joggers on the trail until I remind him that he's with me, haha. He's also really fond of my 3 year old niece, someone closer to his own size and will follow her around anywhere - the feeling is mutual between those two.
Anyway just thought you'd like to know how the wee man is doing, I added a couple of pics also of some of Otie's favourite positions.
Take care and keep up the great work.

The Hoekstra's!
Dearest Friends:
It is with great happiness that once again Patricia and I are enjoying the patter of tiny paws in our home. Her name is “Cali” and she is a 4 month old female Chihuahua X who currently weighs in at 5.2 pounds. Following the passing of “Rosie”, our Puerto Rican Sato, we thought it would be a long time before we were once again ready to open our home and hearts to another canine companion. Then along came “Cali”. She has only lived with us for 12 days but settled in immediately and we love her to bits.

“Cali” came to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, from Fresno, California. We do not know her complete history, other than she was dumped on the street and surrendered by her finders to a high kill shelter. Due to the high volume of animals entering the Californian shelters it is unlikely that she would have found a new home. “Cali” is one of the fortunate ones. She was rescued from the California shelter by Dog Bless Rescue Partners, a Registered Non-Profit animal rescue group based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

These warm hearted people rescue dogs from high kill shelters in the US and find them new loving homes in Canada. We are so grateful that they rescued “Cali” for us. We feel that it was meant to happen. Thank goodness that there are animal rescue groups that are prepared to go that extra mile to help the animals in need across borders.

Love you all,
Michael, Patricia and Cali Tovey

Hi Guys

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Knox, now known as Bailey – named after my favourite Thanksgiving drink ;-) Bailey is considered by us to be the perfect dog! He has quickly become one of the family, and the recent highlights have been:
  • his visit to my kid’s school where he met all the kids friends. It was exciting to be petted by so many little people, and he loved the attention! So much, we did it again 2 more times.
  • his daily morning visits to the local park, where his 10 doggie buddies play until they can’t run anymore
  • his visit to the vet, where he charmed all the staff and was so busy eating treats he didn’t notice the shots or the chip being put in
  • many many walks: (each child waits for a turn to take him out) as well as the long walks I love to go on (round elk and beaver or thetis lake)
He’s gaining in confidence, and now fetches a ball and even feels ok when we use a ball thrower. He’s great off the leash, and more playful this week, which we think is a sign he is settling in. And he’s been such a good boy at home, nothing has been chewed or damaged. We still need to register for training, and will do so over the next few weeks.

Hello everyone at Dog Bless.

I was looking on your site this evening which I haven't done since we adopted Bella (also known as Honey) and I saw the old picture of her and thought you should have an update on her. Although we have only had her for seven months she has come a very long way, in fact hardly the dog you knew at all.

She has learned to greet other dogs and gets excited to play when they walk by our house. She greets people she has met before at the door, in the yard or on the street. She isn't afraid of cars or bikes (where before even the wind scared her).

She is still shy if people are a little too forward with her but she doesn't hide anymore except with little ones. Children move too fast and are too loud yet but we are working on that. We are house trained and know all our basics in training but are not off leash (and probably will never be), so we bought a horse lunging line so she can play in the park with other dogs.

She is very happy and very much a charming, very playful, mischif maker and we couldn't love her more. Our vet figured she was about 10 months old when we got her so we are still going through puppy stages so some days we think we should of called her Cash : )Thank you so much for all you do and I have attached a new photo for you. Take care

Ann & Wayne
Rippley's new guardians wrote this heartwarming Thank You note to our Alabama Rescue Partners expressing their appreciation for the newest addition to their family.
Hello All,

Thought I'd send an update on Ruby (previously Brownie). She was recently certified as a Pet Therapy dog, so we've been busy visiting seniors' care homes thanks to a wonderful organization called PATS (Pacific Animal Therapy Society).

Ruby is cut out for this sort of work, as she's the MOST friendly & loveable dog. On our last visit to a care facility, she jumped up on a resident's lap and lay cradled in her arms, being stroked for nearly 15 minutes. I had to eventually call her off because other folks were looking for a visit from her, too! Now, when she sees a wheelchair coming on the sidewalk, her tail wags and she heads straight for the chair to see who might be handing out pats. What a sweetheart she is - we're very lucky to have her. And I think some of the seniors in our little town might say the same.

Thanks again for the good work you do - keep it up!

- Sincerely, Michelle

I know it's been a long time, but I thought I'd give you a quick update on our boy Bob. He is doing so well!!

He's grown into a big boy, bigger than we thought he'd be, He is about 60 pounds of lean muscle! He is so fast and loves to play with the kids. He is so tolerant of them and their rough play. He settled in to our family very quickly and we just adore him.

We have a dog walker come and take him out everyday for about 90 minutes where he can run free with his doggy friends. He is great off the leash and listens very well. He loves to please and never goes too far away. All of the regulars at that trail know Bob and all have their own nick names for hm.....Bobby lighting, and Billy Bob because he's a southern boy! He is loved by all who meet him.

He has almost stopped chewing on everything he sees and going on the walks have helped him calm down so he's not so excitable. He loves people so much...almost too much! He went missing a few weeks ago. After searching for the morning, we found him at the other end of Saltspring island! Apparently he was going for a 'walk' all by himself and when a car stopped to read his tags, he hopped right in and enjoyed the ride! He is too friendly at times, but we love him and are very thankful to have him.

He is such a loving boy, eager to please and he loves the kids. He is one of the family now....just smelly and hairy!
Thanks again, we love him to bits!