Volunteer Host Family

While most of our dogs already have adoptive homes before they arrive, once in a while a dog takes a little longer to adopt out. We are looking for committed individuals or families interested in opening their hearts and homes on a volunteer basis to these dogs for a brief period while we find them their perfect forever homes.

The responsibility of a Volunteer Host Family would include providing:

  • a stable home environment (average time is from overnight to a maximum of four weeks)
  • availability for meeting with potential new adopters (adopters are screened for suitability beforehand, so you will not be subjected to multiple visitors on a regular basis)
  • transportation of the dog to the vet (if needed) 
  • transportation of the dog to adoption events
  • Dog Bless with current photos and a short write-up about the dog’s personality, interests and behavioural challenges or quirks for our website
  • Dog Bless with regular updates on how the dog is doing with you
  • guidance and training to the dog if needed***


***It is important to be aware that some of the dogs you host may not necessarily "fit right in" to your home. While your main role as a Host Family is to provide quality care and a short term home for the dog while we actively look for their new forever home, some of the dogs you host may require that you provide some training or guidance to help them fit in better while they are with you. For example, some dogs need to be taught to go to the bathroom outside, while others need to be taught general house manners and rules, like no jumping on people or stealing food from the counters.

Dog Bless commits to provide our Host Families with:


  • all necessary supplies (food, bowls, leashes, collars, beds, blankets, crate and any other supplies) as needed
  • covering the cost of any vet care (if needed)
  • training advice and support throughout the dog’s stay with you
  • background information on the dog to help you understand the dog better when they arrive

We will do our best to ensure we match you appropriately with each dog you host (ie. we will not ask you to foster a young puppy if you work during the day). However, if a dog you are hosting proves too much for you to handle, we will do our best to find it a new placement within a few days, but will need your co-operation and patience during that time.

If you feel that you have a great home to provide and are willing to commit to the responsibilities of being a Volunteer Host Family with us, please contact us at dogbless@shaw.ca and we will arrange for one of our volunteers to contact you to discuss it further.

Please note: A home visit by one of our volunteers is required before being approved as a Volunteer Host Family.