Adopting a Dog

Before you fill out an application form, we urge you to check with your local animal shelter or SPCA. There may be a wonderful, homeless dog just waiting for you. It is not our wish to jeopardize any local animal from finding a forever  home, so please check first, you may just find your best friend.

Unfortunately we cannot adopt outside of the Greater Victoria area as it is essential for us to undertake home visits to determine your suitability. 

We also strongly recommend you visit our Frequency Asked Questions page prior to submitting an application form.

Once we have received your application form for consideration, we review your information and suitability in respect of the dog that you have applied to adopt. Depending on your application we may ask for further detail and arrange for a home check. The purpose of the home check is to meet you and assess the suitability of your family and your home for the dog you are seeking to adopt. Once the home visit is complete we will advise you of the outcome.

Sadly we often have more applications than dogs and that undoubtedly leads to disappointment. Our goal is always to find the very best home for each of our dogs and if you are unsuccessful, please join our mailing list (see Contact Us page) and check our Adoptable Dogs page frequently as we normally add dogs each week.

Every adopter must sign an adoption contract. Here is a draft copy of what the contract looks like.