Why Rescue

For the 2009 statistics on the number of animals surrendered, rescued and, sadly, euthanized in the Fresno, California, area many of our rescues come from -- click here!  And 2010 threatens to be even worse with the economic downturn, so many foreclosures and job losses.  Now, even more than before, is the time to open your heart and your home to a needy, loving pet. 

The American Humane Society estimates that 9.6 million dogs and cats are euthanized in US shelters each year. Only 15% of dogs that enter shelters are reunited with their owners, and only 25% are adopted. Many of these are loving, adoptable pets who deserved better. I'm sure you will agree that this is a tragic situation and we are committed to doing our small part to make a difference. 

Please take the time to view this short movie by Robert Valentine called In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story.  Robert, a pre-veterinary student and vet technician at an animal shelter, started a photo-journal of unusual cases to share with other students. When he was able to work on an animal rights project for his social ethics class, he decided to turn his journal into a short movie, hoping to show what can happen to animals when people stop caring. The result is a powerful and heartbreaking commentary on shelter animals, pet overpopulation, and animal cruelty—and how these issues affect not only animals but people as well.

Click here to link to "In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story"

While there are an inordinate amount of small dogs for rescue in the US they are in demand in Victoria and our Society was formed specifically to meet that demand and save the lives of some of these very special pets. We are assisted by a certified dog trainer in California who evaluates the dog's temperament in the shelter and recommends the dog for rescue. We are then assisted by Dr. Dumars and her wonderful veterinary staff who so kindly care for and treat these animals as required.

Once the dog is thoroughly vetted and has been spayed or neutered we arrange for him/her to be flown to Victoria. The animals are then placed in foster homes until such time as we can find their forever home. The placement team take applications in advance of the dog's arrival so that the transition is made easier by placing them in their new home as soon as possible.

Many people work exceedingly hard to make this rescue work. For every life we save we recognize that thousands die, however, it is so rewarding to see how truly grateful these dogs are. They know they are the lucky ones!! 

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